High food safety level and uniform product quality 

DK-Foods’ production facilities are highly automated and reduce costs. We use the latest technology for fermented products, ensuring high quality, food safety and fast production.

Specialists Quality Safety

DK-Foods’ quality assurance system has to meet requirements from the Danish authorities and our Danish and foreign customers, which include the major retailers in Europe. We are BRC-A certified in accordance with UK standards and certified according to the German QS standard.. Our quality assurance system is based on HACCP principles, which are regularly expanded and revised to accommodate more stringent quality requirements from our customers. In cases where the BRC standard, EU legislation and current HACCP regulations are not adequate, we always follow the international GMP rules. 


DK-Foods is USDA certified and thus approved to export to the US and Canadian market – a highly prized certification with strict hygiene demands. DK-Foods is also approved for export to a number of other countries, including Singapore, South Africa and Australia. Contact us to talk about the possibilities for exporting to these markets.

All products undergo our positive release control, and all batches produced are sent to an accredited laboratory for testing. We have chosen positive release checks for far more pathogenic bacteria than the Danish and international legislation require, in order to always guarantee a high level of food safety.

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Full traceability back to the ingredients

DK-Foods’ quality assurance ensures traceability for all outgoing products. We can trace all ingredients and primary packaging back to suppliers.

DK-Foods’ products generally contain no allergens, with the exception of very few items.

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Inspection reports are available here


Our quality assurance and flexibility mean you can change to us with confidence

We realise there can be some risk associated with changing supplier. Our high level of food safety, uniform product quality and competitive prices ensure an excellent foundation for a future partnership based on trust, reliability and good business practices.


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For DK-Foods, quality means supplying the product agreed with the customer, so as to always achieve the best possible solution for both parties.

Contact Senior Manager, Head of Quality Henrik Eriksen-Konge via email or telephone for further information.

+45 24630274 hek@dk-foods.dk


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